Thursday 17 October 2019

Harley hoping city of Glasgow rallies around the Warriors

Leo Cullen. Photo: Sportsfile
Leo Cullen. Photo: Sportsfile

Rúaidhrí O'Connor

His tongue was firmly in his cheek at the time, but Leo Cullen touched a nerve with his comments about all of the Glasgow Warriors players being Rangers fans.

The Leinster coach may have wanted to ignite some latent support among interested Celtic fans on Saturday, but the Scottish Cup final will probably hog their attention anyway.

Still, more than 40,000 tickets have been sold at Parkhead and Cullen has made waves in the Scottish media, leading to Celtic legend Jim Craig to admonish the former Ireland international.

"It's nonsense, like a lot of things like that. But you've got to put up with it. If I ever meet Mr Cullen I'll have a private word with him. He got publicity over his words, and maybe that's what he was wanting," the Lisbon Lion said.

If Craig did manage to have a word with Cullen, he'd soon realise that seeking publicity is rarely high on the agenda but it did serve as a reminder of the environment in which Glasgow have built their increasingly successful rugby club.

With football so polarised in the city, it is no surprise they do their best not to come down on either side of the divide and look to present themselves as a club for all of Glasgow's citizens.

Given he's a Partick Thistle fan, back-row Rob Harley was the perfect person to put forward for media this week and he is relishing home advantage.

"It's a great stadium and it's exciting to think of it being packed out with our supporters," he said.

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"The big thing is we're in Glasgow and we'll pack it out with our fans, and it's exciting that it's going to be our home fans.

"The last time (we played a final) it was over in Ireland and we had huge support... this time it's in Glasgow and we're looking forward to seeing what support we have got."

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