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Dedicated Claire sets standards in midlands


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Claire O'Brien, CCRO (Club Community Rugby Officer), has been the face of Leinster Rugby in Mullingar RFC for the past year.

Claire covers both national and secondary schools, supporting the fantastic programmes run by Westmeath County Council, working closely with the HSE in Mullingar; running programmes for people with disabilities.

Claire is involved in training and attending blitzes throughout the midlands and she explains her average day as CCRO:

"My day would start with a tag rugby session with 5th and 6th class. Larger classes have the opportunity to have mini tournaments so different children play each other. Secondary Schools give the options of playing contact rugby and play in competitive matches.

"My day ends out in Mullingar Rugby Club where I help train the U-14 boys and also make myself available to whatever other teams that may need assistance on that night."

Claire tells us her favourite part of the role is how no two days are the same; even though you may have the same schools for an allotted block, every day is different.

Claire's ambition is to continue the development of Mullingar RFC.

"I would like to continue developing my knowledge of the game by working with and learning from more experienced coaches," she said.

"I would like to continue acquiring my coaching badges and learning all facets of the game and its development by continuing to work with Leinster Rugby."

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