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Kearney on...

playing in the aviva

"The players love playing in the Aviva, the supporters love going to the stadium and we have got a proud home record there, which is important because you want to create a bit of a legacy and have teams going, 'Oh God, we are going to the Aviva'."

luke fitzgerald

"I didn't speak to him at the time, but we had a chat about it a few weeks ago and it was really difficult missing out on the World Cup. But the World Cup is over now. That's the beauty of sport -- when things go against you, things move on very quickly. He's back, he's playing really well. I expect him to be knocking on the door come the Six Nations. That's where he wants to be and that's where he should be, given the calibre of player he is."

his brother dave

"I feel sorry for him at times because of the strength of competition. He just needs to be patient and pounce on the opportunities when they come. And that is what he's doing, he's looked really sharp.

Who's faster? I don't know, we've never had a foot race, but there is nothing much between any of the Leinster outside backs -- although Fionn (Carr), in fairness, is pretty quick."

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