Wednesday 18 September 2019

Jones says he will apologise to sexton

England head coach Eddie Jones. Picture: PA
England head coach Eddie Jones. Picture: PA Newsdesk Newsdesk

England head coach Eddie Jones has said he will apologise to Ireland out-half Johnny Sexton for comments he made about his injuries "when the time is right".

Jones heightened tensions between the rival camps days before Ireland were due to face England at Twickenham in last season's Six Nations by expressing his alarm at the "whiplash injury'" sustained by Sexton during the 10-9 defeat by France the weekend previously.

"I'm sure his mother and father would be worried about that. Hopefully, the lad's all right to play on Saturday," Jones said at the time.

But in an interview this week, the Australia admits he went too far and would apologise to the out-half.

"At the right time I will," he said. "I haven't yet but at the right time I will. Because he is a brilliant player. I love him as a player."

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