Sunday 20 October 2019

Jones in a mess all of his own making as 'scummy Irish' comments go viral

AS ONE of the most richly-rewarded and experienced coaches in the game, Eddie Jones (below) should have known better.

His comments about Ireland and Wales may have been intended as humour, but they came off as charmless and while his corporate audience didn't sound shocked, they weren't rolling in the aisles either.

Known for his attention to detail, Jones should have been aware that his TED-talk style address was being filmed and should have known better than to have described the team that ended his winning international run as "the scummy Irish" and Wales as "a s*** country of 3m people",

The 50-minute video sat on YouTube for nine months like an undiscovered bomb before being brought to the attention of the wider world by the Second Captains podcast yesterday ahead of Jones' side's clash with Ireland at Twickenham on Saturday.

He apologised within two hours, but will face more questions today. An unwanted mess all of his own making.

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