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IRFU repackage autumn tests in bid to boost ticket sales

The shambolic sale of tickets for Irish international matches took another twist this week when supporters were offered seats for the Six Nations Championship home matches -- but only if they purchase tickets for the poorly supported November Tests against Argentina and Samoa, WRITES DAVID KELLY.

However, many supporters had already purchased tickets for the Argentina and Samoa Tests as they had previously been twinned with the more attractive games against South Africa and New Zealand.

And in a move which further angered supporters, tickets to the South Africa and New Zealand matches, previously available only as part of a packages, are now being offered on an individual basis.

"The Supporters Club have now secured a number of tickets for the Six Nation matches against England and France in addition to the packages for the Autumn Internationals in the Aviva Stadium," read the email sent to members of the Munster Supporters Club.

"As we can now include England and France tickets, it has allowed us to repackage the Autumn Internationals and so give members the opportunity of purchasing some as single tickets rather than packages.

"This repackaging also gives members the opportunity of purchasing tickets for either of the Six Nation matches against England and France in 2011."

  • The following single tickets and packages are now available for all members:

Single tickets: New Zealand €100, South Africa €100.

Packages: England/Argentina €190, France/Samoa €150.

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