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Ireland v Scotland clashes since 2001

David Wallace of Ireland and Nick De Luca of Scotland in action during the RBS Six Nations match between Ireland and Scotland at Croke Park on March 20, 2010
David Wallace of Ireland and Nick De Luca of Scotland in action during the RBS Six Nations match between Ireland and Scotland at Croke Park on March 20, 2010
Vincent Hogan

Vincent Hogan

2001 – Murrayfield

Scotland 32 (Tries: Henderson, Leslie, Pountney, Smith. Cons: Paterson 2, Townsend. Pens: Paterson 2)

Ireland 10 (Try: Dempsey. Con: Humphreys. Pen: O'Gara)

Scotland – G Metcalfe, Steel, McLaren, J Leslie, Paterson, Townsend, Redpath, T. Smith, G. Bulloch, Stewart, White, S Murray, Simpson, Pountney, Taylor. Reps:Scott, Graham, Grimes, Petrie, Nicol, Hodge, Henderson.

Ireland – Dempsey, Murphy, O'Driscoll, S. Horgan, Hickie, O'Gara, G Easterby, Clohessy, Wood, Hayes, Davidson, O'Kelly, S Easterby, Dawson, Foley. Reps: Sheahan, E Byrne, Longwell, D Wallace, Stringer, Humphreys, Maggs.

2002 – lansdowne road

Ireland 43 ( Tries: O'Driscoll 3, Horgan, Easterby. Cons: Humphreys 2, O'Gara. Pens: Humphreys 4)

Scotland 22 (Try: Leslie. Con: Laney

Pens: Laney 5)

Ireland – Dempsey S Horgan, O'Driscoll, Maggs, Hickie, Humphreys, Stringer, Clohessy, Sheahan, Hayes, Galwey, O'Kelly, Miller, D Wallace, Foley. Reps: S Byrne, P Wallace, Longwell, S Easterby, G Easterby, O'Gara, J Kelly.

Scotland – Laney; G Metcalfe, McLaren, Henderson, Paterson, Townsend, Redpath, Smith, G Bulloch, Stewart, Murray, Grimes, White, Pountney, Taylor. Reps: Graham, Russell, Leslie, Petrie, Beveridge, Hodge, Logan.

2003 – murrayfield

Scotland 6 (Pens: Ross 2)

Ireland 36 (Tries: Hickie, Murphy, Humphreys. Cons: Humphreys 3. Pens: Humphreys 5)

Scotland – Metcalfe, Logan, Craig, Laney, Paterson, Ross (Townsend), Redpath, Smith, Bulloch, Douglas (Kerr), Murray, Grimes, Leslie, Mower, Taylor.

Ireland – Dempsey, Horgan (Murphy), O'Driscoll (Burke), Maggs, Hickie, Humphreys, Stringer (G Easterby), Corrigan (Horan), Byrne (Sheahan), Hayes, Longwell (Cullen), O'Kelly, Costello, Gleeson (Quinlan), Foley.

2004 – lansdowne road

Ireland 37 (Tries: D'Arcy 2, Murphy, Wallace, Stringer. Cons: O'Gara 3. Pens: O'Gara 2)

Scotland 16 (Try: Hogg. Con: Paterson.

Pens: Paterson 2. DG: Parks)

Ireland – Dempsey, A Horgan, D'Arcy, O'Driscoll, Murphy, O'Gara, Stringer, Corrigan, Byrne, Hayes, O'Kelly, O'Connell, S Easterby, D Wallace, Foley. Reps:Sheahan, Horan, O'Callaghan, Costello, Humphreys, G Easterby, Maggs.

Scotland – Paterson, Danielli, Philip, Henderson, Webster, Parks, Cusiter, Jacobsen, Bulloch, Douglas, Murray, Grimes, White, Taylor, Hogg. Reps: Russell, Kerr, Hines, Petrie, Blair, Laney, Lee.

2005 – murrayfield

Scotland 13 (Tries: Southwell, Petrie.

Pen: Paterson)

Ireland 40 (Tries: O'Kelly, O'Connell, Hickie, Hayes, Duffy. Cons: O'Gara 2, Humphreys.

Pens: O'Gara 3)

Scotland – Paterson, Danielli, Craig, Southwell, Lamont; Parks, Cusiter; Smith, Bulloch, Kerr; Grimes, Murray; White, Hogg, Petrie. Reps: Russell, Douglas, Hines, Dunbar, Blair, Ross, Hinshelwood.

Ireland – Murphy; Dempsey, S Horgan, Maggs, Hickie, O'Gara, Stringer; Corrigan, Byrne, Hayes, O'Kelly, O'Connell, S Easterby, O'Connor, Foley. Reps: Sheahan, Horan, O'Callaghan, Miller, G Easterby, Humphreys, Duffy.

2006 – lansdowne road

Ireland 15 (Pens: O'Gara 5)

Scotland 9 (Pens: Paterson 3)

Ireland – Murphy; S Horgan, O'Driscoll, D'Arcy, Trimble; O'Gara, Stringer; Horan, Flannery, Hayes; O'Connell, O'Kelly; S Easterby, Wallace, Leamy. Reps: R Best, S Best, O'Callaghan, M O'Driscoll, Reddan, Humphreys, Dempsey.

Scotland – Southwell; Paterson, Di Rollo, Henderson, Lamont; Parks, Blair; Kerr, Hall, Douglas; Hines, Murray; White, Taylor, Hogg. Reps: Lawson, Smith, Kellock, Petrie, Cusiter, Ross, Webster.

2007 – murrayfield

Scotland 18 (Pens: Paterson 6)

Ireland 19 (Try: O'Gara. Con: O'Gara.

Pens: O'Gara 4)

Scotland – Southwell, S Lamont, Di Rollo, Dewey, Paterson, Parks, Cusiter, Kerr, Hall, E Murray, Hines, S Murray, Taylor, Callam, Brown. Reps: Ford, Jacobsen, Hamilton, Hogg, Lawson, Henderson, R Lamont.

Ireland – Dempsey; S Horgan, O'Driscoll, D'Arcy, Hickie; O'Gara, Stringer; S Best, R Best, Hayes, O'Callaghan, O'Connell, S Easterby, D Wallace, Leamy. Reps: Flannery, B Young, M O'Driscoll, N Best, Reddan, P Wallace, Trimble.

2008 – croke park

Ireland 34 (Tries: D Wallace, Kearney, Horan, Bowe 2. Cons: O'Gara 3)

Pen: O'Gara)

Scotland 13 (Try: Webster . Con: Paterson.

Pens: Paterson 2)

Ireland – Murphy, Bowe, B O'Driscoll (Horgan), Trimble, Kearney, O'Gara (P Wallace), Reddan (Stringer), Horan, Jackman (Best), Hayes (Buckley), O'Callaghan, M O'Driscoll (O'Connell), Leamy, D Wallace, Heaslip (S Easterby).

Scotland – Southwell (Parks), Lamont, Webster, Henderson (De Luca), Walker, Paterson, Blair (Cusiter), Jacobsen (Kerr), Ford (Thomson), Murray, Hines (Hamilton), MacLeod, Strokosch, Hogg, Brown (Rennie).


Scotland 15 (Pens: Paterson 5)

Ireland 22 (Try: Heaslip. Con: O'Gara.

Pens: O'Gara 4). DG: O'Gara)

Scotland – Paterson, Danielli, M Evans, Morrison (De Luca), T. Evans, Godman, Blair (Cusiter), Dickinson, Ford (Hall), Murray, White (Hines), Hamilton, Strokosch, Barclay (Gray), Taylor.

Ireland – Kearney (Murphy), Bowe, O'Driscoll, D'Arcy, Fitzgerald, O'Gara, Stringer (O'Leary), Horan, Best (Flannery), Hayes, O'Callaghan, O'Connell, Ferris, D Wallace, Leamy (Heaslip).

2010 – CROKE PArk

Ireland 20 (Tries: O'Driscoll, Bowe. Cons: Sexton, O'Gara. Pens: Sexton, O'Gara.

Scotland 23(Try: Beattie. Pens: Parks 5.

DG: Parks).

Ireland – Murphy (Kearney), Bowe, O'Driscoll, D'Arcy, Earls, Sexton (O'Gara), O'Leary, Healy, Best, Hayes (Buckley), O'Callaghan, O'Connell, Ferris, Wallace, Heaslip.

Scotland – Southwell, Lamont (Danielli), De Luca, Morrison, Evans, Parks, Cusiter (Blair), Jacobsen (Dickinson), Ford (Lawson), Murray, Hamilton (Gray), Kellock, Brown, Barclay, Beattie.

2011 – murrayfield

Scotland 18 (Pens: Paterson 4, Parks.

DG: Parks)

Ireland 21 (Tries: Heaslip, Reddan, O'Gara. Cons: O'Gara 3)

Scotland – Paterson; Walker (Danielli), De Luca, S Lamont, Evans; Jackson (Parks), Blair (R Lawson); Jacobsen, Ford (S Lawson), Low (Cross), Gray, Kellock, Brown, Barclay (Hines), Beattie (Vernon).

Ireland – Fitzgerald; Bowe, O'Driscoll, D'Arcy, Earls; O'Gara, Reddan (Stringer); Healy, Best (Cronin), Ross (Court), O'Callaghan (Cullen), O'Connell, O'Brien, D Wallace (Leamy), Heaslip.

2012 – aviva stadium

Ireland 32 (Tries: Best, Reddan, Trimble, McFadden. Cons: Sexton 3. Pens: Sexton 2)

Scotland 14 (Try: Gray. Pens: Laidlaw 3)

Ireland – Kearney (McFadden), Bowe, Earls, D'Arcy (O'Gara), Trimble, Sexton, Reddan (O'Leary), Healy, Best (Cronin), Ross (Court), O'Callaghan (McCarthy), Ryan, Ferris, O'Mahony (Jennings), Heaslip.

Scotland – Hogg, Jones (Scott), Evans, Morrison, Lamont, Laidlaw (Jackson), Blair (Cusiter), Jacobsen, Ford, Cross (Murray), Gray, Hamilton (Kellock), Barclay, Rennie (Vernon), Denton.

2013 – murrayfield

Scotland 12 (Pens: Laidlaw 4)

Ireland 8 (Try: Gilroy. Pen: Jackson)

Scotland – Hogg, Maitland, Lamont, Scott, Visser, Jackson (Weir), Laidlaw, Grant, Ford (Hall), Cross (Low), Gray, Hamilton (Kellock), Harley, Beattie (Denton), Brown.

Ireland – Kearney, Gilroy (Fitzgerald), O'Driscoll, L. Marshall, Earls, Jackson (O'Gara), Murray (Reddan), Court (Kilcoyne), Best, Ross, O'Callaghan (Toner), Ryan, O'Mahony (Henderson), Heaslip, O'Brien.

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