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There have been a lot of colourful stories from Ireland-New Zealand encounters over the years but one memory has gone viral in recent days.

A 13-year-old ballboy made headlines 29 years ago when he intervened to cause an All Black try to be disallowed during their visit to Lansdowne Road in 1989. That young rugby enthusiast was the brother of RTE broadcaster Ryan Tubridy.

All Blacks legend Grant Fox thought he had scored his first Test try after an elusive run and finish.

The disappointed Irish players made their way behind the goals for the resulting conversion but that's when things took a bizarre turn.

The try, however, was ruled out by the touch judge who raised his flag because of a technical infringement by All Black Sean Fitzpatrick during an attempted quick lineout.

With TMO's yet to be devised, the referee never noticed the flag until young Garrett Tubridy raced onto the pitch to bring it to the attention of the ref.

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"I saw the touch judge's flag up and then I saw that New Zealand were scoring a try," the brave ball boy said after the game.

"And when they scored the try, I said to the touch judge 'this shouldn't happen, why don't you go on and tell him?' And the touch judge said 'no I can't do that'.

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"Then one of the people in the ground told me to go on yourself."

Speaking on his show on RTE Radio One this morning, Ryan said: "Now, why do I have such an interest in that story? And why would I be so proud of that ball boy? And why would I want to share that story with you?" asked Ryan.

"Because that ball boy is my brother, Garrett. And Garrett Tubridy was really into rugby as a kid."

"I just think it's a really cute story and it's gone wild online. And Garrett's now a man. A very good man.

"And he ended up running the Women's Rugby World Cup last year, and doing very well as it turns out. So it was always meant to be.

"And then, the commentator from the clip, has just in the last few hours tweeted the picture - a picture of the letter he received - from my brother Garrett, to him, to say thanks for the video cassette that Keith Quinn (the commentator) sent to him.

"Keith kept the letter and now it's up there for all to see. Just a cute little story."

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