Saturday 21 September 2019

'I will be the best mum to our gorgeous sons' - Jonah Lomu's heartbroken wife Nadene

Jonah Lomu pictured with Nadene in 2009. (Getty)
Jonah Lomu pictured with Nadene in 2009. (Getty) Newsdesk Newsdesk

The tragic wife of rugby legend Jonah Lomu has shared an emotional message to her late husband and has set up a fundraising page to ensure that his dreams for his children are realised.

Nadene's message read: "I will be the best mum to our gorgeous sons and we will send kisses to the heavens everyday for the hero you are and will forever be. We will shout to the stars, forever your always!"

She set up a Givealittle fundraising page to 'support our family, assisting with the upbringing of our children and their education'.

The site has already raised thousands of dollars.

Nadene also said that she plans to set up a Jonah Lomu Charitable Trust to help children around the world.

"Jonah and I had big plans to make a difference in the world with all that he learnt," she added.

"Jonah has left this Earth too soon leaving us all empty-hearted. Through Jonah's strength which remains in our two sons and myself, with his spirit that will forever be by my side, my promise is to bring the visions we both had planned to do together.

"I will now do this alone and we will make a real difference. With the support of his great global family and all his boys, here I will finish building the legacy that my wonderful husband created when he burst onto the international stage leaving history and our hearts, changing the face of rugby."

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Nadene and Jonah have two young sons Brayley, 6, and Dhyreille, 5.

Lomu, who died from a heart attack yesterday morning, wanted to be alive to see his sons turn 21, the rugby superstar said in his final big interview, only four months ago.

"My goal is to make it to the boys’ 21sts," he told the Daily Mail in August.

"There are no guarantees that will happen, but it’s my focus.

"It’s a milestone that every parent wants to get to. My dad died young and that makes you think."

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