Thursday 19 September 2019

Fiji rugby team in heroic gesture during medical emergency on plane

Jack de Menezes

The Fijian rugby team are known for being crowd favourites at the best of times given their expansive attacking style and good humoured approach, not the mention their sheer physicality and brutal defence, but their fan base may have hit a new high after they stepped in to help on an airplane during a medical emergency.

Fiji’s Sevens team were flying from Nadi to Brisbane in Australia aboard a Virgin Australia flight, when one passenger fell into a serious condition.

Once the condition of the passenger was made aware to the rest of the flight, the Fijian team clicked into gear. The team’s doctor, coach and physiotherapist rushed to assist the flight crew that were tending to the emergency, along with two other passengers with medical training.

But while the flight crew had their attentions taken up by the demands of looking after a sick passenger, the Fijian players took it upon themselves to start serving up lunch for the rest of the passengers.

Ryan Fee, who was on the flight, told “When the air hostesses were all flustered the team got up to finish serving food and then assisted with the clean-up of trays for the entire plane.”

The reigning World Sevens champions helped tidy the litter left from the meals, while one member helped assist an elderly lady with an oxygen mask for over an hour.

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