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'If I'm lookin for a try I've got Dorce outside'

THE Rubberbandits became a cultural phenomenon a few weeks ago with their runaway hit 'Horse Outside' and now an enterprising Leinster supporter has done a rugby version of the song, which was emailed into us last week and goes a little something like this (in exaggerated D4 tones) ...

Dorce Outside

I play in blue for Leinster, they call me Jonny Ten,

I'm lookin for a chance to beat those Munster boys again,

I know it won't be easy, it won't come as a gift,

The loikes of Isa, Drico, Luke and Shags will hafta shift,

But they ain't getting nowhere without line-out, scrum and maul,

The loikes of Leo, Jamie, Cian and Sean to win the ball,

And when I get that pass from Reds, and see what's in my way,

I'll drop my shoulder, chorge ahead and this is what I'll say,


I'll say ... F*** your Strings and Warwick,

I've got Dorce outsoide,

F*** your Tuitupou,

I've got Dorce outsoide,

F*** your Earls & Mafi,

I've got Dorce outsoide,

When I'm lookin for a try,

I've got the Dorce outsoide.


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