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Heineken to raise roof

There has been a predictable outpouring of opprobrium from the usual herd of dinosaurs with it looking increasingly likely that the Millennium Stadium roof will be shut for the Heineken Cup final on Saturday.

Unlike the Six Nations, where both sides are consulted, the ERC effectively take the final decision this week -- albeit the respective coaches will be consulted if necessary.

However, unless there is a freak heatwave, those of us lucky enough to have a ticket will be under cover when the atmosphere will top anything seen in the club or international game this season.

Declan Kidney got into a spot of bother earlier this year when insisting the roof remained open when Wales wanted it closed; Kidney won that battle but lost the war.

Warren Gatland has always claimed that the whole point of building a roof was to enclose the stadium on match days. Still, that didn't stop him opening it against Australia a couple of years back ...

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