Monday 18 December 2017

Gaddafi sexism gives rugby a bad name

AMID all the turmoil in Libya, one aspect of the Gaddafi regime that did not get much airtime was their status as New Zealand rugby fans.

Little more than a year ago, Saif Gaddafi, second son of the Colonel, spent five days in Queenstown, New Zealand and flashed the cash, big style.

Carrying a giant wad of cash in a gold clip, Gaddafi's tipping was legendary and, according to local paper 'The Mountain Scene,' he bought up every All Blacks jersey he could find.

However, such largesse did not spare him being subjected to the obligatory Haka dance group as a farewell gesture before his flight out.

Overall, Gaddafi's visit appears to have been well received, except by women's rights groups who were angered by some sexist activity when the Libyan and his entourage booked the outdoor area of a waterfront restaurant to watch a fireworks display.

According to the 'Scene,' one of Gaddafi's party asked a bouncer if he could drum up a few "beautiful blondes" to join the festivities, but emphasised that there should be "no fat ones."

Those Libyans will give rugby a bad name. HF

Irish Independent

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