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Fishy tales and hunting pigs

FOUR weeks away from home creates plenty of downtime and Ireland's social committee has been working hard to alleviate the boredom factor in Auckland.

On Sunday, players and backroom staff had the option of a round of golf or a fishing trip, with the anglers getting the opportunity for sustenance as well as diversion, -- cooking and eating the marlin they had caught on their return to harbour.

Former New Zealand full-back Glen Osborne (right) has offered to take players on a pig-hunting expedition which reportedly has aroused considerable interest among the more rural of the Irish squad.

And, even with the distraction of modern technology such as iPads and X-boxes, the players have been availing of more traditional pastimes with 'Twister' just one of a collection of classic board games played regularly.

'Risk' might be the best option given the enormity of the challenge on Saturday.

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