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Europe's players just a bunch of softies, says Barnes

MIKE BREWER ruffled a few feathers during his time in Leinster under Michael Cheika and the affliction seems to follow him wherever he goes -- he was drummed out of Sale in double-quick time just before Christmas.

Yet Sky Sports pundits Sean Fitzpatrick and Stuart Barnes demonstrated their adherence to the amateur days of rugby by turning their ire on the cosseted Sale players.

"Sure Brewer was probably a bit tough on some of the players and demanded a lot, but that is his way," said Fitzpatrick, alluding to his All Black experiences under Laurie Mains.

"Six months is just not long enough for a coach to change the way a club is... it took maybe three years before I understood where (Mains) was coming from."

Barnes went even further. "Sometimes in the northern hemisphere we just don't push ourselves hard enough," he said.

"The reason these boys in the south have been top of the world for all bar a couple of years in rugby's history is because they are prepared to hurt themselves and go that little bit further. Maybe we are just a little bit soft." DK

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