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We thought appendix was dodgy burger

While I'm sure Joe Schmidt had a tough time of it during Saturday's game and after as he had his appendix out, my mind quickly returned to a former team-mate of mine who didn't have it as easy.

Once upon a time I shared a flat in Galway with Dave Willis, who used to play for Corinthians, and Damien Browne. We went for a few drinks and some dinner after a match - in fairness it was a timid enough affair.

But the next morning we had a great laugh at poor Damien, who was more than a bit sick - it was assumed he ate a dodgy burger or was no longer able for a night on the town!

There wasn't much sympathy for him that morning and he became the butt of our jokes as we took turns at pointing and laughing. I headed away home to visit the family and left him in his discomfort and thought no more of it until Dave called me.

Luckily for everyone involved, Dave's mother is a doctor and happened to call into the flat and soon figured out how serious it was. Poor Damien had to be rushed to hospital to have his appendix out.

We felt a bit bad about all the abuse we had doled out to him.

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