Saturday 21 September 2019

Play-off spot well in sight for Lam's men

Pat Lam's Connacht side are currently top of the Pro12
Pat Lam's Connacht side are currently top of the Pro12 Newsdesk Newsdesk

It's hard to believe Connacht are top of the Pro12 at this stage of the season. But surely expectation will carry them to bigger and better things.

They haven't hit the limits of their capabilities yet. Clearly they are playing extremely well, it's just they can get a whole lot better, so who knows how far they can push themselves when that happens?

Looking back over the league standings from the last five seasons, from where Connacht are right now, all they would need are six wins to ensure they qualify automatically for the Champions Cup.

Considering they already have six from their opening seven it seems quite manageable, but of course the fixture list gets even tougher from here and Connacht don't usually end the season well - the previous campaign is a good example of that.

But they have matured since then, it will definitely be a record amount of wins, and if the squad is managed right, the play-offs are a real possibility.

Injuries can play a part, particularly if someone like Nepia Fox-Matamua goes down. However the key thing is to have the back-up, and Connacht do.

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