Monday 19 February 2018

Calling for more referees

There are opportunities for anyone interested in rugby refereeing (Stock picture)
There are opportunities for anyone interested in rugby refereeing (Stock picture)

How many rugby referees does it take to screw in a light bulb? One to screw in the bulb, one to flag that you missed something, one to review it on video, one to cite the dangerous parts, one to assess how did it. . . and oh, one to tell you that the laws governing the process may change tomorrow.

While this is a tongue in cheek joke, there is truth to be found in the humour. Every season, the powers that be in the Association of Connacht Rugby Referees (ARCB) have to insure that many moving parts are all in sync. Even before a whistle is blown, so many things have to be organised.

We have a new president for the coming season (Louis Cunningham), we wish him and his executive the best.

Lessons learnt have to be identified from last season and new initiatives lined up. Changes in laws have to be communicated to the refereeing masses.

We had a successful mobilisation of all referees at the end of the summer in Corinthians RFC. All that you needed to know for the coming season was excellently facilitated by our dedicated referee development officer Sean Gallagher.

A new season means an opportunity to expand our ranks. Once again Sean was to the fore with on-boarding our new batch of recruits in September.

It is one thing to offer our usual excellent training to this group, it is another to have them assimilated at a reasonable pace.

Our rugby committee, led by Paul Gannon, are doing an excellent job in assigning mentors, underage games and shadowing opportunities to our new referees.

If you are interested in rugby refereeing, please email or phone 086 1735096.

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