Monday 23 October 2017

Come fly with me, let's cry away

THE long-haul flight to New Zealand is always a test -- not least the part where you walk past short-legged, champagne-sipping business-class passengers to take up your fetal position in steerage.

To be fair, Air New Zealand provides 25pc more leg room than their execrable Etihad equivalent but there is still a dire need to distract attention from aching joints (or the 'sporty' Aussie woman who chose to place a pair of crusty bare feet in full view for the 13 hours between LA and Auckland) and in-flight films play a crucial role.

Thus, Oscar-winning 'Saving Private Ryan' was a welcome three-hour diversion but Spielberg's epic also caused momentary embarrassment when 'Barefoot Butch' detected a couple of stray tears during the scene where Matt Damon (above right) refuses to abandon his post.

Not our most masculine moment but any man will tell you there are cinematic scenes where it is okay to squeeze out a drop or two.

Movies scenes to make men cry

1 Top Gun -- Maverick cradling a dead Goose will always make you "feel the need".

2 Chariots of Fire -- When Eric Liddell slow-mos around the corner to take gold, the tight shorts alone would make your eyes water.

3 Gladiator -- "Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife ... " Screw you, Commodus.

4 The Champ -- "Champ ... always come through." Not this time, Ricky.

5 Shawshank Redemption -- That hug on the beach, true bromance.

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