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Care hits wobble after going on lash

NEW coach, new beginning, but English rugby remains in the drink, with scrum-half Danny Care the latest international to fall into alcohol-related do-do.

Care went on the lash following Harlequins' loss to Toulouse, a night on the town that ended up with a two-hour stay in a police cell and an £80 fine.

Quins' boss Conor O'Shea said the matter will be dealt with internally and the player has released a statement of apology.

"It was a silly thing to do. I accept that and apologise completely," said Care (above). "I should have remembered that, as a professional player, I need to set a better example to the fans." The scrum-half added that "it was a tough game" and he needed to unwind, which he proceeded to do with England World Cup zeal until police were called to the Noir Bar in Weybridge and bundled him into their van -- giving new meaning to the old barman's farewell of 'take care.'

Irish Independent