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Brian O'Driscoll finds fellow sports pundits Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville 'enthralling'


Shane Jennings with his former team-mate Brian O'Driscoll

Shane Jennings with his former team-mate Brian O'Driscoll


Shane Jennings with his former team-mate Brian O'Driscoll

Irish rugby legend Brian O'Driscoll has been talking about his life after rugby and his new found respect for TV pundits.

Speaking on Second Captains Live on RTE last night, the Grand Slam winning captain spoke about his transition from player to pundit and how he has been watching analysts from all sports as he perfects his new role.

O'Driscoll joined BT Sport and Newstalk since his retirement last year and has been lauded for his insightful contributions.

He has been impressed with how some of his former team mates have taken to the job but seems very taken by Sky Sports commentators Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher.

"There is a learning curve, a steep learning curve, for some TV pundits. For the sound bites but quality sound bites as well," he said.

"I think that's where the likes of my friend ROG and Shane (Horgan) have really taken it to a new level more recently because they're interesting but they are also very educated on the modern game.

"On Monday Night Football, I don't ever actually watch the games but I just watch the pre, half time and post-game analysis and the snippets you get on Twitter if you miss the game.

"Carragher and Neville... it's enthralling. They, from a soccer point of view, have kicked it to another level."

Leinster's Champions Cup clash with Wasps was O'Driscoll's first appearance on BT and he admitted that there is some difficulty when commenting on former team mates but believes his credibility is essential for the job.

"It's difficult to do when you're friends with a lot of these guys and you don't want to get a text the next day going, 'I saw the punditry. Explain?'," he added.

"At the Toulon-Leinster game, I said: 'I just don't see how Toulon are going to be beaten', glad that Leinster pushed them so much... I'm still a huge Leinster fan but you have to have a credibility about what you're saying.

"Sometimes I'm going to be wrong and I would have been okay with being wrong and Leinster go through to a semi-final."

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