Thursday 17 October 2019

Loss to Fiji is a big blow for us - Brunel

Brunel: “It’s a big blow, it’s not what we had planned.” Photo: Getty Images
Brunel: “It’s a big blow, it’s not what we had planned.” Photo: Getty Images Sportsdesk

It was meant to be a confidence booster to conclude the November internationals but after the shock defeat to Fiji on Saturday, France now find themselves described by their coach as "a bit complicated".

Les Bleus scored two first-half tries but failed to add a single second-half point as the dominant Fijians sealed a 21-14 victory.

"It's a big blow, it's not what we had planned," admitted France coach Jacques Brunel.

"Unfortunately, it is the end of the autumn tests and the players are all returning to their clubs, leaving us to deal with this difficult impression. It's going to be a bit complicated.

"We won't be working again this week, although we will try to review what has happened and understand our shortcomings. We are well aware that this defeat serves as a lesson.

"We couldn't change the course of the game. They dominated us with their impact, in the rucks and we were late with our support play and we couldn't put in place what we had planned.

"It's hard to see a positive side but I want to believe this is not what we are capable of. We showed something much better against South Africa and Argentina. But we can't get away from the fact we have lost to Fiji."

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