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Ashton 'try-diving' must stop now

Just two games in to this Six Nations Championship and already Chris Ashton is the stand-out candidate for Player of the Tournament.

Unfortunately there is a downside and how I wish someone, anyone, would pull him aside and tell him to get a grip. His now sadly familiar swallow dive is dangerous, disrespectful and showboating in the extreme.

Quite frankly, I couldn't care if he botches a try in such a crazy self -indulgent act -- indeed, the sooner he does, the better.

It is more the impact it will have on young boys and girls watching that worries me.

In his own words: "It is right to celebrate tries, scoring tries is what I want to do playing rugby. Everybody dives."

Well Chris, it's not right to celebrate tries in the way you do and if "everyone" is diving, then it's clearly time to stop.

He goes on to admit that "if my dad were here, he would be very unhappy about me doing the dive, very,very unhappy."

If for no other reason than respect for your dad, then, call a halt. The rugby-playing world will be a better and a much safer place for it, trust me.

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