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Annual Salesian College blitz gets massive turn-out

RUGBY in Salesian College, Celbridge goes from strength to strength after its second annual 15-a-side blitz for second years.

Following the success of last year's competition – which produced talented players, that have taken the school to their second final of the South Dublin Cup in two years – numbers doubled from 55 last year to 110 pupils taking part in this year's competition.

PE teachers Kevin Malone and Paddy McGovern, along with Eoin O'Sullivan, have been working alongside NUIM Barnhall CCRO Gareth Murray and NUIM Barnhall player Chris Winks throughout the school year to prepare classes and they have persuaded many students to enjoy their first taste of rugby.


The massive increase in playing numbers from throughout the school was the hard evidence and the competition itself was a massive improvement in quality from last year, with each game played a ferociously tight affair with big tackles and some brilliant handling – and all played in glorious sunshine.

The final saw Savio 2 take on Dominic 2 in perhaps the closest game of the day but, most importantly, it was a most enjoyable day for all involved.

The College wishes to say special thanks to the Ambulance Service, who volunteered for the day but thankfully were not needed, Tom McKeown from the Leinster Rugby branch, Eddie Fitzgerald NUIM Barnhall Director of Rugby, PE teachers Mr Malone and Mr McGovern, Gareth Murray and Chris Winks, and, most of all, the players who took part and made it such a great day.

Salesian College is certainly a school with a very bright rugby future and NUIM Barnhall can hope to benefit from such an outstanding partnership with them for years to come.

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