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1 Vary the attack

If Munster continue to slavishly shovel the ball wide, they will lose. And lose big. They need to strike a balance and, in old-school terminology, earn the right to go wide. They have been predictable in attack all season.

2 Beat Harlequins up

Munster's ability to bully teams has never been based on their size. It has always been a mentality thing. That psyche has been missing this season. They have to hit hard in the opening quarter and lay down a physical marker.

3 Use James Downey properly

There is no point in having him there if they're going to use him simply as a conduit. He needs to take the ball up the middle at pace, suck in defenders and create the gaps outside. Then go wide. For this to happen, the line has to stand tighter to the scrum.

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