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Roy Keane dismisses United speculation: "I have a job"


Roy Keane with a dog from Irish Guide Dogs For The Blind

Roy Keane with a dog from Irish Guide Dogs For The Blind

Roy Keane with a dog from Irish Guide Dogs For The Blind

Roy Keane has played down speculation he could return to Manchester United as Louis van Gaal's number two.

The 61-year-old Dutchman is the bookmakers' favourite to succeed the departed David Moyes at Old Trafford, and former United skipper Keane has been linked with key role on his staff.

However, the 42-year-old, who is currently working as assistant to Republic of Ireland manager Martin O'Neill, has moved to dampen the rumours.

Speaking to Today FM's Ray D'Arcy show in Cork on Monday morning, Keane said: "People keep asking me, ironically, about other jobs. I have got a job and I am very happy in my job."

Former Sunderland and Ipswich manager Keane was handed a return to coaching when O'Neill replaced Giovanni Trapattoni at the Republic helm in November last year.

His appointment was greeted with almost as much excitement as that of the Ulsterman in a country where he remains a divisive figure.

Within weeks, he found himself thrust into the headlines as former United boss Sir Alex Ferguson's autobiography painted a less than flattering picture of their relationship and prompted a dismissive response from his one-time inspirational captain.

Asked if he could foresee a time when the two might be on speaking times once again, Keane replied: "No, I am not sure. Probably not. But look, I have said that about other people.

"Football is a funny old game and you get clashes of personality sometimes, but it's something that's not on my mind at the moment, to be honest with you, whether it be good or bad."

Keane admitted he harbours hopes of a return to management one day, although he insisted that is not currently his main focus.

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He said: "In my quiet moments, I obviously want to go back into being a manager myself."

Asked if his dream was for that to be at Old Trafford, he said: "No, I don't think that way.

"I was at a match on Friday night, I was at a match on Saturday and I am up in the stand thinking, 'I would love to have a team'.

"And then I'll get back in my car and I spoke to Martin, I think it was on Saturday night, and then I am thinking obviously I am delighted to be working with Martin and [goalkeeping coach] Seamus [McDonagh] and the other staff, so you have to be careful what you wish for.

"I am just really appreciating the opportunity I have at the moment. What happens further down the road..."

Keane was critical of United's decision to dispense with Moyes' services after just 10 months, but steadfastly refused to be drawn into the debate over who should replace him, or what Ferguson's role at the club should be.

He said: "Part of me has to step back as well. I know there are certain times when the media are going to ask me these questions, but there's also a part of me thinking whatever has gone on at certain clubs, it really is none of my business.

"There are certain things that will hurt me, particularly as I have been a manager before, so I will look at David Moyes and say I don't like what happened to him.

"But regarding other issues at whether it be Man United or Arsenal or other football clubs, it's none of my business and it doesn't keep me awake at night."

Keane is in Ireland to promote the Irish Guide Dogs National SHADES campaign.

From Monday, April 28 to Friday, May 2 we will see both dogs and humans take to the streets as part of the fund raising initiative.

The campaign seeks to highlight the charity and to help raise funds for its vital work. Famous dog lover and spokesperson for the campaign, Roy Keane, is calling for volunteers all over the country to help with the Irish Guide Dogs national SHADES campaign.

Volunteers are needed to sell Puppy Pins during street collections running all week and also for the nationwide Tesco collection day on Thursday, May 1. If you would like to give your time to this woof-worthy cause call Louise on 1850 50 63 00 or email louiseosg@guidedogs.ie

Shades on Friday, May 2 encourages us to mind our eyes and wear shades for the day to highlight that many forms of sight loss are preventable with early intervention and taking care when exposed to UV and sunlight.

Visit www.guidedogs.ie

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