Friday 19 January 2018

Roddy Doyle "enjoying" the task of writing Roy Keane's autobiography

Roy Keane
Roy Keane

Cataloging the life and career of one of Ireland's greatest sport stars is something Roddy Doyle is revelling in.

The author of The Commitments, The Snapper and Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha told Sean O'Rourke on RTE Radio One is under deadline pressure but is enjoying his interaction with one of Cork's most famous sons.

"It’s coming along well. I can’t talk much about it, I don’t want to really, it’s not superstition but I hate talking about things that haven’t quite been written yet," he said.

"I am up against a fierce deadline but that to me is kind of refreshing cause it’s the first time I’ve ever worked in this way before.

"I’d always paddled my own canoe. I’ve never been contractually obliged to do anything for anybody, I’ve always been you know, very independent.

"So I started working, I think late January was the first time we met and we’ve been charging through it ever since.

"I have to hand it in next month. So yeah it is a pretty intense deadline. It’s going very well, I’m enjoying it. It’s a seven day week though."

"We meet very regularly and we go through stuff for about four hour sessions. We go back over things again and again. And again.

"I think the spark in the book will be in the going back over things. We go through passages and chapters line by line and I make changes. It’s very much the two of us working together.

"I enjoy the sessions is as much as I’d say. I enjoy them. "

The Republic of Ireland assistant manager is a difficult interviewee and Roddy did take a while to make a decision on whether to come on board when the approach was made.

"I can only talk about how it came about from my point of view. I got an email, an invitation from a publisher asking would I be interested in writing a book with Roy Keane," he added.

"I gave it some thought as to ‘did I want to do it?’, ‘would I be any good at it?’, you know reasonable questions. The fact that I wasn’t a sports journalist, ‘was that an advantage?’ The fact that I wasn’t a Manchester United supporter, ‘would that be an advantage?’

"So I gave it some thought and said yeah I would be interested. I don’t know why my name was thrown into the bucket."

Doyle also appeared on the show to promote his new children's book, "Brilliant".

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