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British Olympic hero emphatically cuts down Piers Morgan after TV host calls silver medalists 'losers'


Most people who disagree with controversial TV personality Piers Morgan simply ignore him, but for one former Olympian, today was his breaking point.

Morgan has been on a Twitter crusade since the start of the Olympics, consistently claiming that competitors who finish second or third are 'losers', despite being medal winners.

While everyone other than the gold medalist is technically a loser, many pointed out how unfair Morgan's stance was given the effort athletes put into their Olympic preparation.

Matthew Pinsent knows this better than most. The former British rower won four gold medals across four Olympic games, three of which came in the same boat as the legendary Steve Redgrave.

As Morgan tried to justify his remarks by stating that they were 'factually' correct, Pinsent stepped it with a withering rebuke that the Olympic legend also filed under 'factual'.

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