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Brazilian police vow to intensify their ticket investigations


Kevin Kilty and Stephen Martin following police interview in Rio

Kevin Kilty and Stephen Martin following police interview in Rio

Kevin Kilty and Stephen Martin following police interview in Rio

Brazilian police have vowed to intensify their investigations into alleged ticket touting after interviewing OCI officials Kevin Kilty and Stephen Martin.

Ronaldo Oliveira, head of specialised operations units with the Civil Police, said they were happy with the level of co-operation from the two men. Chef de mission Mr Kilty and CEO Mr Martin spoke to police in Rio for four and a half hours last night.

Mr Oliveira said the two men confirmed to police that Pat Hickey, who temporarily stood down as OCI president following his arrest, was the "chief" of the organisation.

He told reporters: "The two testimonies were very good; they fully collaborated with the investigations.

"We will continue the investigations, and forensics.

"Investigators are very happy with the testimonies given today. They were here as important witnesses.

"They collaborated and confirmed the participation of Patrick Hickey as the grand chief of this operation. All practices are determined by him. We were able to put together the jigsaw and we'll soon have more actions.

"We are going to intensify our investigations. We've already activated the money laundering arm. Interpol has already been activated."

Mr Kilty and Mr Martin left the station about 6.15pm (10.15pm GMT) with Mr Kilty telling reporters: "We are happy to have cooperated."

On Sunday, police executed a warrant for the seizure of passports belonging to Mr Kilty and Mr Martin and that of fellow board member Mr Henihan.

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Mr Henihan met police on Tuesday and was told he was free to return to Ireland.

However, Mr Oliveira said: "None of the three have authorisation to leave the country at the moment.

"There is not enough evidence to indict them so it is likely they will get their passports but I can't guarantee it."