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Brazil police no objection to Pat Hickey being 'moved to house arrest'


Olympics Council of Ireland President Pat Hickey. Photo: Julien Behal/PA Wire

Olympics Council of Ireland President Pat Hickey. Photo: Julien Behal/PA Wire

Olympics Council of Ireland President Pat Hickey. Photo: Julien Behal/PA Wire

Brazilian police have no objection to Pat Hickey being moved from a maximum security prison in Rio de Janeiro to house arrest, according to a police officer involved in the ticket touting investigation.

Speaking to Liveline on RTE Radio One this afternoon, Aloysio Falcao, one of the Brazilian police officers involved in the case, said he had no issue with Hickey getting house arrest - provided he stays in Brazil.

"No," Falcao said when asked by Joe Duffy if he had any objections to Hickey being placed under house arrest.

However, Mr Falcao said he had objections to Pat Hickey leaving Brazil.

"He has to stay in Brazil because he has more questions to answer."

Falcao also revealed that he is hoping to get the cooperation of the Irish government so that they can 'trade information'.

"That is why I want some help from the media because we need some help from the government," Falcao said.

"I know Shane Ross had a meeting with Pat Hickey but he left. I want to know the government position, the inquiry they are doing. We can trade information about this. If they want to contact the Brazilian police that would be great."

Falcao was questioned about why Pat Hickey's arrested was filmed, and indicated that it was due to media intrusion rather the a police sanctioned video.

"No, a judge didn't authorise it," he said.

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"It was the media."

Pat Hickey's lawyers are set to ask a Brazilian court to place him under house arrest rather than keep him at the maximum security prison in Rio de Janeiro where is he currently being held. Falcao said that Hickey could be placed in a 'domiciliary prison' for people in bad health, adding that he has now problem with the sports administrator being released in that capacity.

"In Brazilian law we have a domiciliary prison when a person is older than 80 years or when they have bad health," Falcao said.

"His lawyers are trying to get this kind of prison."

Falcao also revealed that the Brazilian police have contacted Interpol about the investigation - but refused to say whether he will request information from the Irish police.

"I am in contact with Interpol and they are going to help the Brazilian police," he said.

"I can't tell you about that information [a request to the Irish police] but I can tell you that I have made contact with Interpol."

Falcao added that all the tickets found during the initial raid when Mallon was arrested were marked for the OCI, and that the case file will be handed to a Brazilian court in the next one to three months.

It has emerged that Pat Hickey's lawyers are to ask a Brazilian court to place him under house arrest in the absence of bail, rather than keep him at the maximum security prison he is currently being held at.

Solicitors for Mr Hickey have also made a fresh request for bail for him, with papers lodged in a Rio court last night.

The issue of house arrest can only be dealt with after this fresh full bail application is considered by a judge.

Mr Hickey's lawyers are expected to cite his age, hypertension and a heart condition as reasons for justifying this move.

Last night Simone Kamenetz revealed that Mr Hickey is not leaving the country while the case is ongoing.

She said they have given Mr Hickey's second passport to police so he is no longer a flight risk.

She claimed authorities are continuing to hold him because he is a foreigner and poses a flight risk.

"We are going to try to get him out. If he gets bail he will stay in Rio de Janeiro during this procedure. We believe that if the prosecution offer indictment we believe that a judge will not accept this. If the judge accepts the indictment then we will appeal.”

She claimed: “At the moment Mr Hickey is being held on the grounds that he is a flight risk but this is not the case because the police have his passports.

“They also say he was held to stop him committing his alleged crime, ticket touting, but the Olympics is over so that cannot be used as justification any longer.”

Mr Hickey is currently detained in Gericino Prison, known locally as Bangu, after he was formally accused under Brazilian law of ticket touting, running a cartel and illicit marketing. 

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