Sunday 15 September 2019

Prominent sports star takes drug test to 'clear his name'

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Frank Roche and Colm Keys

A prominent young sports star has chosen to take a drug test in an unprecedented move to clear his name amid rumours on social media.

The player is reported to have circulated a message on social media saying he along with three of his friends have all taken drug tests - which returned negative results - after insinuations that they had taken drugs while on a night out in a pub.

He is reported to have circulated the results of his own test, via social media, to dispel the rumours.

In a post which included images of documents and videos and was addressed to some of his team colleagues, he is reported to have pointed out that a video was in circulation on social media in recent days.

He said he would like to reassure his team colleagues that the incident in the video is misleading.

He added that he and three of his friends have undergone drug testing and the results have all proved to be negative.

He continued to say that he was posting the results from his own drug test, which was carried out by an independent body.

He also said he has video footage from the night in question which supports his version of the events.

He finished his message by saying his team colleagues know him for a long time and would know that he was not involved in drug taking.

He asked that they share the videos and images of documents with others on social media to try to make sure his name was cleared.

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