Sunday 18 February 2018

Padraig Harrington reveals he had surgery for skin cancer

Padraig Harrington takes a swing at reigniting his career
Padraig Harrington takes a swing at reigniting his career

Irish golfing legend Padraig Harrington has spoken out about his cancer scare.

The 42-year-old three-time major winner, whose father Paddy died from cancer, underwent surgery for "sun spots".

Speaking on Today FM's 'The Last Word' yesterday evening, the Dubliner said: "I've had a number of skin cancers removed off my face. When you get a symptom don't ignore it. Do something about it."

The father-of-two spoke out to raise awareness.

He is patron of the Oesophageal Cancer Fund Ireland.

His father Paddy passed away from cancer of the oesophagus, and the golfer raises awareness of the disease on a regular basis.

Speaking to Today FM host Matt Cooper, Padraig said he hoped by talking about his own experience, he would further raise awareness for Lollipop Day which takes place next week.

"Dealing with cancer is not what it was 10 years ago.

"Instead of just one treatment they are now looking at combining different types of treatment of dealing with oesophagel cancer.

"Everybody responds differently to treatment and ways of treating cancer are moving on. I see that we when I travel the world.

"It is easier to clear these things up at the start rather than waiting until there is a problem.

"You can get treated and go on to live a much longer life," he said.

The golfer said his own father ignored signs when he was feeling unwell - and he urged men to go to their doctors if they feel similar.

"My father had symptoms but didn't do anything about it. It's the nature of men in Ireland and certainly older men.

"I would be much more inclined to go and do something about it.

"If I get a pain I go and get it checked out. It's a little bit of hardship [going to the doctor] but you will feel much better afterwards."

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