Saturday 21 September 2019

Video: Wayne Rooney slaps WWE Superstar Wade Barrett during Monday Night Raw

Wayne Rooney delivers the Smackdown as he slaps Barrett across the face
Wayne Rooney delivers the Smackdown as he slaps Barrett across the face

Jack de Menezes

Very rarely does Manchester United and England captain Wayne Rooney let his guard down, and he showed just how hot-headed he can be when he slapped a WWE Superstar across the face during a live show in Manchester.

Of course, Rooney was not looking to start a fight with British WWE Superstar Wade Barrett, but their feud has some history to it that we should probably look back on.

Rooney is a self-confessed boxing fan, but he also dabbles in the world of wrestling after becoming embroiled in a light-hearted exchange with Barrett earlier this year in an attempt to organise a match at WrestleMania 31.

Barrett, from Lancashire and a lifelong fan of Preston North End supporter, tweeted WWE chairman Vince McMahon in a bid to organise a tag-team match between Rooney and Stone Cold Steve Austin against Barrett and the former Preston striker Kevin Davies.

While the fight never happened, the confrontation between Rooney and Barrett eventually did when Monday Night Raw rolled into Manchester, and the United striker just happened to have bagged himself a front-row seat.

Barrett was ringside as Irishman Sheamus took on Swiss Superstar Cesaro as part of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament.


And as Barrett approached Rooney, the 30-year-old footballer seized his chance and slapped Barrett right across the chops, much to the crowds delight.


Watch the video below...

Whether this sets Rooney up for a showdown with Barrett as WrestleMania 32 next April is unlikely though, as Rooney will be needed to take on Everton that weekend as the Premier League turns towards its business end.

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