Thursday 14 December 2017

WWE Raw results: Seth Rollins remains a wanted man as Sheamus seals victory

WWE superstar Sheamus
WWE superstar Sheamus

Calum Gillon

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon kicked off Raw by coming down to the ring to a shower of boos from a raucous crowd. They talked about Dean Ambrose, and stealing and disrespect, and then Paul Heyman came out.

He came out to determine if his client Brock Lesnar had a problem with The Authority after Seth Rollins’ Curb-stomped him at Night of Champions, and tried to cash in the Money In The Bank briefcase. Rollins assured him he didn't, but after they made up and the group were leaving, John Cena came down and tried to attack Mr MITB. Rollins escaped but he should be worried with Lesnar, Ambrose and Cena breathing down his neck.

A triple-threat match for the Intercontinental title kicked off the matches for the evening; Cesaro vs Dolph Ziggler vs Miz. All three men had opportunities to win but when Cesaro upper-cutted Miz, he looked like he had it in the bag, only to be on the end of a super-kick from Ziggler who then covered Miz for the victory and to retain the Championship.

There was then a match between Layla and Rosa Mendes because of some apparent ongoing feud on Total Divas. Layla easily won after hitting Rosa with the Layout.

Dean Ambrose appeared in the ring next, carrying Rollins’ Money In The Bank briefcase that he stole on Friday’s Smackdown. He started giving away free t-shirts before Rollins, Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble – who appear to be back in the WWE as the Authority’s henchmen - and security also came down. Ambrose left, apparently wanting nothing to do with Rollins, then, as Seth opened the briefcase up, he got covered in exploding green slime.

An actual match now, this one between Mark Henry and Bo Dallas. Mark Henry started off quickly, physically dominating Dallas but when he went for the splash off the second rope, the Bo-liever rolled out the way then hit a running Bo-Dog to pick up the win. As he was celebrating backstage though, Dallas was attacked by Henry, who has been on a bad run recently and looked a little angry.

Brie Bella was in a match next, and when her sister came out and announced that it would be a handicap match, she faced Cameron and Eva Marie. Brie got the win by rolling Cameron up for the surprise package after the diva had accidentally clotheslined her partner.

Heath Slater and the Gator, Titus O’Neil were in tag-team action next against Los Matadores, and the two brought with them Hornswoggle in an alligator suit, to counter the Mexican’s El Torito - and the Giant Bunny and Adam Rose who were on commentary. Basically, Slater and Gator got the win, then when Hornswoggle was gator-rolling El Torito, the Bunny bunny-splashed Slater. Obviously.

A third Divas match now, AJ Lee against Paige’s apparently new best friend, Alicia Fox. Paige distracted AJ at ringside, meaning that Fox was able to grab the win, with the two then assaulted AJ after the bell had gone.

Earlier in the night, Miz and Damien Mizdow complained to the Authority after the former’s earlier loss and they were made to pay for it now with Mizdow in a match against Sheamus. Mizdow actually looked impressive but when Sheamus threw him into Miz who was on commentary, the Great White then hit a Brogue-kick for the win.

The main event was next and it was a tag-team match between Corporate Kane & Randy Orton and John Cena & Dean Ambrose. Orton and Kane started strongest, keeping Cena in their corner and not allowing him to tag in Ambrose. He finally got tagged in and he exploded out the corner, throwing both men into the barricades and connecting with Dirty Deeds on Orton.

Just as he went for the pin though, Rollins appeared out of nowhere and broke up the count, causing a disqualification. It almost backfired on him though as both Cena and Ambrose cornered him, but the two men started fighting over who would get his hands on the man. The Authority then got the upper-hand and Cena and Ambrose were on the receiving end of both an RKO and a chokeslam, and then a Rollins’ Curb-Stomp onto the MITB briefcase.


Dolph Ziggler DEF The Miz and Cesaro in a triple threat match

Layle DEF Rosa

Bo Dallas DEF Mark Henry

Brie Bella DEF Cameron and Eva Marie in a handicap match

Heath Slator and Titus O'Neil DEF Los Matadores

Alicia Fox DEF AJ Lee

Sheamus DEF Damien Mizdow

John Cena and Dean Ambrose DEF Kane and Randy Orton via DQ

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