Wednesday 18 September 2019

WATCH: 'We're filming here for f***s sake!' - The O'Donovan brothers are back and they're as sharp as ever

Micheal O'Scannail

Gary and Paul O’Donovan are back on our screens in a charming short film that illustrates the many sides to the Olympic silver medalists as well as the character of their local town Skibbereen.

The brothers won a gold medal in the lightweight double sculls at the 2016 European Rowing Championships and silver in the same discipline at the 2016 Summer Olympics while all the time putting a smile on Irish faces with their down-to-earth humour.

The coverage of their success highlighted their immense skill and sense of humour but this short film by Red Bull Media House, also shows a serious and compassionate side to the Skibbereen natives.

The film shows some friendly local faces and the effect the O’Donovan brothers have had on their community.

A local barmaid who know the boys well appeared several times explaining what they mean to Skibbereen.  

"On race day, nobody slept the night before or that day," she said.

"We opened up early. We had our rosary beads out and everybody prayed for them."

The film also sees Paul explain what makes his partnership with his brother work.

"Garry is always the one looking for the fun and the banter and I was a bit more serious," Paul said.

"If the two of us were like me, we could've just trained so hard that we’d get sick and tired of it and if we were like Gary we might not have trained hard enough all the time, but the combination of the two of us, it just worked out."

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