Saturday 24 February 2018

virgin territory: a not-so-grand tale


JP McManus

Total runners: 33

Finishers: 19

Winners: None

Seconds: Clan Royal 2004, King Johns Castle 2008

Thirds: Lauras Beau 1992, Clan Royal 2006

First runner: Deep Gale (Fell at first 1982)

Most runners: 6 (2005, best finish Innox 7th)

Likely runners 2010: Arbor Supreme (12/1), Can't Buy Time (20/1), Don't Push It (33/1), King Johns Castle (33/1)


Jonjo O'Neill

As a jockey: 8 rides

In detail: 1973 Glenkiln (fell 15th); 1976 Meridian II (fell 13th); 1977 Sir Garnet (unseated 24th); 1978 Rag Trade (pulled up 21st); 1979 Alverton (fell 22nd); 1980 Another Dolly (fell 6th); 1983 Beacon Time (unseated 20th)

As a trainer: 14 runners

Winners: None

Seconds: Clan Royal 2004

Thirds: Clan Royal 2006

Likely runners 2010: Can't Buy Time, Don't Push It


AP McCoy

Rides: 14

In detail: 1995 Chatham (fell 12th); 1996 Deep Bramble (pu 29th); 1998 Challenger Du Luc (fell 1st); 1999 Eudipe (fell 22nd); 2000 Dark Stranger (u 3rd); 2001 Blowing Wind (BD 19th remounted finished 3rd); 2002 Blowing Wind (finished 3rd); 2003 Iris Bleu (PU 16th); 2004 Jurancon II (fell 4th); 2005 Clan Royal (carried out 22nd); 2006 Clan Royal (finished 3rd); 2007 L'Ami (finished 10th); 2008 Butlers Cabin (fell 22nd); 2009 Butlers Cabin (finished 7th)

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