Friday 15 November 2019

Video: Lance Armstrong’s Irish masseuse to give first interview since drug scandal broke

Emma O'Reilly giving a massage to Lance Armstrong in 1999
Emma O'Reilly giving a massage to Lance Armstrong in 1999
Kirsty Blake Knox

Kirsty Blake Knox

CRAIG DOYLE has landed the first Irish interview with the masseuse who blew the lid on Lance Armstrong’s drug-taking.

Dublin native Emma O'Reilly (42) will describe her years working for the cyclist and how she came to tell the real story behind Armstrong’s cycling victories.

News of Craig’s interview comes a day after Armstrong stepped down as chairman of his cancer charity Livestrong.

Sponsors Nike ditched Armstrong yesterday and was quickly followed Trek Bicycles, a bike helmet company, and the FRS energy drink company.

Craig, a big cycling fan, said he thought Emma's decision to help expose Armstrong as a cheat showed real bravery.

Emma originally attempted to expose the cyclist as a cheat back in 2003 – but was sued for libel.

Craig said: “She’s been incredibly brave. Yes, she allowed the doping to happen around her but saw the light and tried to tell the truth.”

Emma has claimed that she worked as a ‘drug-runner' for the US Postal team.

Armstrong's legacy as a cancer survivor turned seven-times winner of the Tour de France was left in ruins when he was accused of drug-taking on a massive scale and being the ringleader of a sophisticated doping conspiracy.

The Craig Doyle Show airs tonight on RTE2 at 10.30.

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