Tuesday 23 January 2018

Video: Irish driver Danielle Murphy reclaims 'Queen of Europe' drifting title

Danielle Murphy reacted to the win in an emotional video posted to Facebook

Danielle took some time out after the final to get on the King of Europe live stream.
Danielle with her stage trophies before the final stage
"So meanwhile at 00.31 in Slovakia..."
Danielle's team with the trophy
Photo: Queen of Europe Drifting
Danielle takes some time out before a stage
Danielle working on 'the Green Monster'.
Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

Danielle Murphy, together with her trusty car 'the Green Monster, has reclaimed her European drifting title after a tough two years.

Murphy first scooped the title in 2013 to become the world's first ever 'Queen of Europe' in the European Drifting Championships.

In 2014, she narrowly missed out on the title after winning the first two rounds but this year she was recrowned the 'Queen of Europe' in what was an emotional win for the Irish female drifting star.

Murphy came first in the first three stages of 2015 and second in the fourth, securing her the champion title for another year.

In an emotional video posted to her Facebook page, Murphy said "thank you so much to everyone.... there's too many people to thank".

"I did it... We did it!"

We did it!!!Not sure there's much more to say! I'm low on Internet so all I can say is thank you so so much to everyone who made this possible. I will tag my sponsors when I get proper wifi #NeverGiveUp #FightForYourDreams #ChampionLakeland Tyre Service Takata Racing Quaife Engineering Owen Developments Turbosmart Clutch Masters Clutch Masters Europe Carvogue Belgard Motors Spb tools West Wood Trailers - Ifor Williams Ireland West Coast Performance @Primeime Leisure Supertech Jinyu Tire Cathy Jinyu Tires Jinyu Tires Thailand

Posted by Danielle Murphy Drifting Fan Page on Sunday, 25 October 2015

Murphy almost missed the final round due to problems with her much-beloved car, the 'Green Monster'. The car has been Murphy's counterpart for the last three championships and is serviced by Murphy herself.

"I never thought the Green Monster would make it... we were up until four am this morning working on it and up at six... we were so tired... but we made it".

"It's been a crazy year... emotional because of the hard work and stress... there are no words".

"I have so many people to thank, especially the team, drivers & other competitors who helped me through the night vigorously to get The Green Monster ready for battles on Sunday".

Murphy faced numerous issues with the car throughout the season, posting on Facebook on September 1st that the car's engine "literally blew up".

Male competitors in the 'World of Drift' competitions offered help and she thanked Eddy Laissue and his team for their "generous offer" of loaning her their car to compete in while the 'Green Monster' was out of action.

Murphy was the only Irish driver in the competition in 2014 and 2015 - for both male and female categories. Drifting as a sport is not state-supported and drivers are totally self-funded.

Speaking to Independent.ie before the 2014 final, Murphy revealed that each European event costs her an average of €5,000, which is spent on ferries and fuel for transporting driver and car. This figure does not include tyres for the car, which need to be replaced regularly. While in Europe, she sleeps in her van to both cut costs and to ensure her car is not stolen from the trailer overnight.

"I'm completely self-funded... You hit so many brick walls... it's gut-wrenching".

Murphy was invited in 2014 to compete in the 'King of the Kinds' superfinal as both the only Irish driver and the only female driver to compete.

You can follow her on Facebook here and on Snapchat by adding 'tgreenmonster'.

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