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Video: Dubliner Emma O’Reilly rejects Armstrong’s apology for bullying and suing her


Emma O'Reilly giving a massage to Lance Armstrong in 1999

Emma O'Reilly giving a massage to Lance Armstrong in 1999

Emma O'Reilly giving a massage to Lance Armstrong in 1999

THE Irishwoman bullied by Lance Armstrong for speaking out about his cheating has rejected his apology on Oprah.

Dubliner Emma O'Reilly, whom the Texan cyclist sued after she publicly denounced his use of performance-enhancing drugs, said his confession was "old news" to her.

In his interview with Oprah Winfrey, Armstrong admitted he had bullied O'Reilly for telling the truth about his drug-taking.

Speaking on ITV Daybreak this morning, Ms O'Reilly said she had missed a call from Armstrong on Sunday because of poor mobile coverage, but that he had sent a text saying: "This is Lance, call me please, thanks."

She said sorry was "not at all" enough after what he put her through, but that she would not be suing him back because she did not want to employ his tactics.

Asked whether she felt vindicated by Armstrong's fall from grace, she said: "All of it has never felt like vindication - I can never think of another word to use, but I hate that word because it suggests almost that there was some vindictiveness.

"I had only ever spoken about it because I hated seeing what some of the riders were going through, because not all the riders were comfortable with cheating as Lance was.

"You could see when they went over to the dark side their personalities change, and I always felt it was an awful shame - these were young lads in the prime of their life having to make this awful decision, kind of living the dream, yet the dream is a nightmare.

"That was always why I had spoken out - it wasn't about Lance, it was about drugs and cycling."

O'Reilly, who was once an electrician, went on to work with Armstrong's US Postal Service team from 1996 to 2000 as he began to dominate the Tour de France.

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