Tuesday 28 January 2020

UFC fighters Jon Jones and Daniel Comier in media-day brawl ahead of showdown

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier are eagerly looking forward to locking horns in the ring after the two fighters clashed at the media day ahead of UFC 178.

The two men squared up after their face-off and had to be separated before any serious punches were landed, with Irish fighter Conor McGregor among the onlookers.

In a television appearance a couple hours later, Jones and Cormier went at it verbally in a split-screen interview on ESPN News.

In relaying their versions of events, Jones remained calm and talked in a monotone voice, while Cormier frequently laughed, and interrupted the champion on a couple occasions.

Jones had barely gotten through his opening statement when Cormier broke in the first time. "You know what," Jones said. "First of all, I'd like to give an apology to the MGM Grand, all the fans ..."

"It's so fake!" a laughing Cormier interjected. "It's so fake!"

“I've never actually had another fight put his hands on me by squeezing my throat. I reacted in self-defence by beating up Daniel,” Jones insisted.

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