Sunday 17 December 2017

Video: Tennis player loses point for hindrance call after mocking opponent's loud grunting

A lot of tennis players like to grunt loudly during points
A lot of tennis players like to grunt loudly during points

Jack de Menezes

Grunting in tennis has long been a controversial talking point, with allegations that it is a gamesmanship attempt to put off an opponent going unpunished for far too long.Whether it’s Rafael Nadal, Maria Sharapova or, in this case, Gonzalo Lama.

Lama is seen taking on Robin Haase in the Prostejov Challenger, an ATP Challenger Tour event in the Czech Republic. The pair engage in a lengthy rally, but it soon becomes apparent that Lama is making a fair bit of noise every time he hits the ball.

Lama was clearly giving all he had to try and beat Haase, who is 80 places higher in the ATP rankings than his Chilean opponent, but the grunting was clearly getting on Haase’s nerves.

The Dutchman decided to take matters into his own hands and let out a loud wail himself, an clear attempt to mock his opponent.

Yet the chair umpire failed to see the funny side and called a “hindrance” penalty on Haase, leading to Lama winning the point despite failing to hit the ball over the net.

Haase, who went out of the French Open in the first round on May 22, was furious with the decision and let it be known to the umpire that he was not impressed with Lama’s continued grunts. Haase went on to lose the match 6-3, 6-3.

Watch below:

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