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Tennis: Numbers game

0 Number of times before yesterday that Federer had lost a Grand Slam match after going two sets ahead.

1 Break points created by Roger Federer against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

4 Times Federer had beaten Tsonga. Tsonga had only beaten Federer once before.

6 Consecutive Grand Slam tournaments that Federer has failed to win.

9 Years since the last time Federer won no Grand Slams in a season. He has only the US Open left in 2011.

9 Break points created by Tsonga. He converted three of them, one in each of the third, fourth and fifth sets.

18 Aces delivered by the big-serving Tsonga. Federer had 17.

27 Minutes it took for Federer to win the first set 6-3.

63 Winners hit by Tsonga. Federer managed six fewer, with 57.

121 Average speed, in mph, of Tsonga's first serve. Federer's average was 114 mph.

135 Tsonga's fastest serve, in mph. Federer's best was 126mph.

178 Grand Slam matches in which Federer had gone two sets up without losing.

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