Sunday 17 December 2017

Stop the damn match! - Jim 'JR' Ross officially retires from WWE

Jim 'JR' Ross
Jim 'JR' Ross

Christopher Hooton

Jim Ross, the voice of so many classic WWF matches, has retired from wrestling commentary (at least with the WWE), with yesterday being his last 'legal day' with the company.

The 62-year-old's trademark cries of "My God!" and "This is heinous!" will be sorely missed by fans, though he hasn't commentated on WWE matches very much in recent years bar the odd guest appearance.

"Tomorrow is my last, legal day w/ @WWE, It was a great 21 year run," he told his million-strong Twitter followers. "Best biz decision ever was coming to WWE '93. Grateful to all involved."

Triple H, 13-time World Champion and Chief Operating Officer of WWE, thanked JR for his service, replying: ".@JRsBBQ Thanks for being the voice of our attitude....#noonebetter", a reference to the company's Attitude Era which JR so passionately commentated on.

Away from the announcer's table, Ross sells a range of barbecue sauces and conducts a weekly wrestling podcast.

He still has many stories to tell, recently hinting that he will explain what happened at the shambolic WWE 2K14 panel at which Ric Flair seemed to be drunk, when he said:

"No, I haven’t been invited to Summerslam to be involved in the WWE2K15 video game presentation. [...] I have no plans to be in L.A. during Summerslam time unless I’m there to do work for Fox Sports or Podcast One. That weekend (in 2013) will be an interesting read when I write about it some day. It could be embarrassing for some."

JR's best known quote is probably "Will somebody stop the damn match!", which he yelled when Undertaker chokeslammed Mankind through a steel cage at King of the Ring.

The exclamation was not scripted he claims, saying in a recent Reddit AMA that he did his best work "reacting and not acting".

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