Saturday 17 February 2018

Paddy Power offers to pay Ronnie O'Sullivan £61k if he hits a 147 at Welsh Open

Will Ronnie turn down the chance for £61,000
Will Ronnie turn down the chance for £61,000

Paddy Power are the kings of the clever promotion and have pulled off another zinger.

Ronnie O'Sullivan was on course to complete a 147 break in the concluding frame of his 4-1 victory over Barry Pinches at the Welsh Open, but the five-time world champion mysteriously opted to pot the pink instead of the black following the penultimate red.

O'Sullivan explained afterwards that he felt the £10,000 on offer for completing a maximum break at Cardiff's Motorpoint Arena was not enough.

Spotting a chance to boosts its brand, Paddy Power has offered £61,000 is he completes a maximum during the remainder of the tournament.

The prize for a 147 is calculated on a rollover basis, with £5,000 added to the pot in each tournament. Australian Neil Robertson made the most recent maximum in December's UK Championship final, winning £44,000 including the £4,000 prize for the tournament high break.

''I knew it was 10 grand and I just thought that's a bit too cheap really," O'Sullivan said. "To make a maxi, it's such a massive achievement and if they're going to pay us 10 grand, I think it's worth a bit more than that.

"It's like going into a Mercedes garage and when they say that you can have the car for £3,000, you reply, 'No way, that's too cheap. I'm not buying it for that'. Certain things have value, and a 147 is a special moment. I want it to feel special all round.

"But the punters still got value for money today. Now they've got something more to look forward to. There's still room for improvement.

"You like to entertain your fans. It's like a film. You want them to come back and watch the next one. There is no point in giving them the best ending they've ever had. Leave room for a better ending next time."

Watch his break below:

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