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Snooker: Dott bemoans 'nightmare' crucible performance

Graeme Dott today vowed to find a way out of the snooker doldrums but admitted the worst defeat of his career left him tempted to "chuck it".

The 34-year-old Scot, a veteran of three Crucible finals and champion in 2006, slumped to a 10-1 defeat against Joe Perry at the Betfred.com World Championship.

His first-round exit left Dott in torment, and he would have been tempted to stop trying after missing a black during the 10th frame if there was no financial penalty for doing so.

Dott said: "If there was ever a nightmare in snooker, that was it.

"I don't feel I can turn it around just now. I feel as if I need to chuck it if I'm playing as bad as that.

"I'm sure I'll come back and play okay again, but I've no idea why I played as bad as that.

"I just wanted out. I couldn't pot a ball, I couldn't hit the white. If you told me to hit the white in the last frame I'd have probably missed it. I just couldn't do anything.

"And it was actually more demoralising that Joe was playing so bad. You can usually take it if someone plays well, but Joe was missing, and even at 5-0 I thought, 'Joe's not really settled'.

"He kept missing and leaving me in."

Returning 8-1 behind for the concluding session of the match this morning, world number nine Dott admitted he just wanted Perry to put him out of his misery.

"I got in during the first frame, but once I missed the black, if there wasn't a fine I'd have given up," Dott said.

"There's £250 fines for giving up so I played on, but I just wanted Joe to keep potting. I didn't want a shot. It's not a nice feeling."

The loss was Dott's heaviest at the Crucible, and Perry, 37, goes on to play Glaswegian Stephen Maguire in the last 16.

Dott said: "I don't think I've played worse, not only at the Crucible but as a professional. I just couldn't pot a ball.

"I've not really played well all season. Normally when I come here I play pretty well, but you can't rely on playing well here all the time. You're eventually due a stinker. But to play as bad as that is hard to understand, it's demoralising.

"I couldn't have cared less if it was a whitewash, what difference would it make? Ten-nil or 10-1, it's still a drubbing. I lost 10-7 to Joe Perry here once and he played fantastic, I couldn't give him any more high praise.

"But he's beaten me 10-1 there and he's played rubbish. Joe's not played well at all there. I'm sure he'll say he needs to play a lot better to win his next match."

Perry, ranked 26th, accepted he had not played well - his highest break was just 59.

The Cambridgeshire player said: "It is the worst I have ever seen Graeme play, we all know what a good player he is and one who won't throw the towel in.

"I wasn't happy with my own game, and was just trying not to feel sorry for my opponent. As a professional sportsman you can't do that but it was tough.

"I wouldn't have particularly wanted to whitewash Graeme."