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Roll of honour

Ireland's best performances at European Cross-Country Championships (* medals)

1994 *Senior gold -- Catherina McKiernan.

1995 7th -- Sinead Delahunty.

1996 13th -- Seamus Power.

1997 Junior 7th -- Gareth Turnbull.

1998 *Junior bronze -- Gareth Turnbull.

1999 *Junior team bronze -- (8th Gary Murray, 15th Brian Keane, 20th Mark Smith).

2000 *Men's Team Bronze (10th Peter Mathews, 14th Seamus Power, 23rd Gareth Turnbull, 25th Keith Kelly).

2001 13th -- Anne Keenan-Buckley.

2002 8th -- Alistair Cragg.

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2003 *Women's Team Silver -- (4th Sonia O'Sullivan, 13th Rosemary Ryan, 27th Anne Keenan-Buckley, 34th Catherina McKiernan).

2004 *Junior Team Silver (5th Mark Christie, 7th Andrew Ledwith, 11th Danny Darcy, 31st Jamie McCarthy).

2005 Junior 4th -- Linda Byrne.

2006 * U-23 Silver (Fionnuala Britton.

U-23 team 4th (13th Joe Sweeney, 19th Mark Christie, 24th Andrew Ledwith, 46th Mick Clohisey).

2007 7th -- Martin Fagan.

7th -- Fionnuala Britton.

U-23 6th-- Linda Byrne.

2008 4th -- Mary Cullen.

Junior team 4th (12th Sara Treacy, 15th Charlotte Ffrench-O'Carroll, 17th Ciara Mageean, 33rd Lorraine McCarthy).

2009 Senior team 4th (11th Fionnuala Britton, 12th Mary Cullen, 25th Linda Byrne, 34th Ava Hutchinson).

8th -- Mark Kenneally.

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