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Rider killed in crash at Ulster Grand Prix


A rider has been killed in a crash at the Ulster Grand Prix this afternoon.

It is with much regret that the Dundrod & District Motorcycle Club confirm that there has been a fatality after an incident which took place during the second Supersport race at the Ulster Grand Prix," said a spokeswoman for the organisers.

“No further information will be released until all of the rider’s family has been informed.

“The family has however have told the event organisers that they wish the remainder of the event to go ahead as planned.

“This is a tragic incident and we request privacy and respect for the rider and his family.”

The tragic news comes on the back of Guy Martin's spectacular crash which left him with serious injuries.

Martin's team initially tweeted: "Guy is banged about a bit but nothing broken".

His sister, however, later posted that the biggest name in road racing will require a back operation.

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