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'We can never do enough,' says OCI's Keane


OCI president Sarah Keane. Photo: Frank McGrath

OCI president Sarah Keane. Photo: Frank McGrath

OCI president Sarah Keane. Photo: Frank McGrath

The new president of the Olympic Council of Ireland (OCI) says that it can "never do enough" to safeguard the governance of charities.

Sarah Keane took over as head of the OCI earlier this year, amid the fallout from her predecessor Pat Hickey's arrest in Rio over the Olympic ticketing controversy.

"We haven't done enough, we've probably never done enough, because to me governance is a culture, it's an ethos, it's not a tick-the-box exercise.

"It's never done. We set specific governance goals as part of our annual business planning to ensure that that's always on our radar."

She was speaking on the same day that 'Newstalk Breakfast' broadcast an interview with Mr Hickey.

Mr Hickey said that he felt "totally abandoned" by the Irish authorities during the "extraordinary set of events" during the Rio Olympics.

Ms Keane said that his arrest, which was done in the full glare of media at a luxury hotel, must have been traumatic.

She was speaking on the fringes of the Wheel Conference for Charities.

New research revealed only 43pc of Irish people trust charities with the money they are donating to be spent wisely.

Tim Harris, director of tracking research with NfpSynergy, said "a period of calm" is needed for charities to "stay out of the news" and regain trust.

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