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Tokyo the 'right choice' for 2020 Olympics – Coe

Sebastian Coe has called Tokyo "the right choice" to host the 2020 Olympics and believes the London 2012 Games can make a significant contribution to the Japanese city.

Tokyo was elected as host city on Saturday after comfortably beating rivals Istanbul and Madrid in a vote by the International Olympic Committee in Buenos Aires.

"I believe it was the right decision – it felt right," Coe said. "We have had a good few 'frontier decisions' with Rio, Sochi and the World Cups in South Africa and South America, but Tokyo is ideally placed to tackle the issue of a high-technology and low physical activity lifestyle which is a big challenge for the sedentary West.

"If you also look at what has been enshrined by Japan in terms of sustainability and an environmental approach, they are in many ways the leader of the world."

The successful bid includes architect Zaha Hadid's £839m 'futuristic mothership' design for a new Japanese National Stadium to form the centrepiece of the Games.

Hadid was the architect for the London 2012 aquatics centre and Coe said: "It will be eye-catching and it will be creative, and that's a good legacy export.

"I am sure there will be many people who worked on London 2012 who have chosen to stay in sport. There is no reason why people who have gained experience from the London Games should not be in demand in Tokyo."

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