Friday 15 December 2017

New York Yankees' former poster boy Alex Rodriguez needs to be made to pay

New York Yankees' Alex Rodriguez
New York Yankees' Alex Rodriguez

James Corrigan

Alex Rodriguez could not even be bothered to stand in front of a camera to do his mea culpa. So he wrote a letter.

A scribbled apology to the team, owners, players union and fans, which by its untidiness was presumably supposed to make him seem more “human”. Nice try.

The tale of A-Rod, 39, is the most disgusting running storyline in sport and may even serve a function as the great parable of our modern pursuits; of their greed and their lies, their top-to-bottom corruption, their complete lack of fair-play or dignity. For A-Rod and the New York Yankees read as bad as it gets. Or anyway, as bad as it gets for now.

On the day the agents of the game's former poster boy released that oh so, genuine, heartfelt and personal crumpled-up piece of A4, a man called Anthony Bosch was being sent down to a federal prison for four years. Bosch had been posing as a doctor and had illegally supplied steroids and other performance enhancing drugs to professional baseball players including Rodriguez and even to high-school athletes who were, quite sickeningly, not yet out of their teens.

When the scandal first emerged in a Miami newspaper, Rodriguez went in to denial mode, declaring his innocence and threatening lawsuits against anyone and everyone who dared challenge him. Imagine Lance Armstrong in a stiff-peaked cap.

Just like Armstrong, the protestations were eventually shown to be a sorry sham and his life to be an utter fraud. But only after a 162-game ban from Major League Baseball. It sounds a lot, 162 games. In fact, in baseball it is only one year. And so after a mere 12-month absence, A-Rod will next week return to his place of work.

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